Have You Achieved Your Real Independence Day Yet

Have You Achieved Your Real Independence Day Yet?

This month, inside the USA, we rejoice “Independence Day”… A day that commemorates independence from oppression and liberation from people who would try to find to maintain you from placing your own route and controlling your personal destiny.

No count number in which you are in the international, the question raised is:

“Have you had your personal non-public ‘Independence Day’ yet?”

Since you’re a subscriber of mine, I desire so. But if no longer, you need to ask your self, what are you able to do to advantage extra independence, mainly the use of the energy of the Internet?

However, before I get into that, let’s speak about what “independence” genuinely approach…

To me, the “independence” way:

— You don’t punch a clock for someone else (your enterprise is truly a “means to an give up” that permits you to pursue your passions and goals as opposed to being a “salary slave” for any other organization or man or woman)

— Your time is your personal and also you spend it the way you want (whether or not this is gambling video games, traveling or spending extra time together with your children and circle of relatives)

— You do NOT the alternate time for bucks. But as an alternative, you have got a commercial enterprise that makes you money whether you display up or now not… (No count number what type of products or services you’ve got, the net makes this simpler than ever earlier than!)

— Your business and earnings grow every 12 months without requiring you to paintings extra hours…

Have You Achieved Your Real Independence Day Yet

Properly dependent, your enterprise will become a wealth-producing asset that gives for you. And additionally affords on your family if something occurs to you and you are not able to take care of them (or can’t paintings for months).

Let’s face it. If you are spending all your time responding to emails, answering the phone, placing up mini-websites, calling leads, looking for new potentialities, attending conferences, and “DOING” all the activities IN your commercial enterprise…You have got a JOB, NOT a commercial enterprise!

That’s why it’s critical presently of yr which you take a step again and check what’s distracting you from the large picture of your TRUE USA Independence Day Quotes.

A lot of people get into an online business or networking business with the hopes of killing their “day” process, but all they do is trade one activity for every other (regularly working MORE HOURS at their new “job” than they ever did on their unique task!).

One of the motives that occur is because, with the conventional model of MLM, you do NOT have any wealth-generating assets under your control. (You don’t personal the organization, products, downline, advertising substances, websites, comp plan…Nothing!).

Truth is advised, I realize many people who constructed up first-class earning the “traditional” manner…Simplest to look that earnings vanish when their organization modified the regulations of the sport (or the FTC were given worried).

So if you need actual independence, you need to do the following along with your commercial enterprise…


Beware of people telling you to ONLY do the traditional ways of MLM.

If that’s working for you, excellent! But the fact is that 90-95% of the folks who get into our enterprise do NOT have any primary success and may NOT make the “usual” methods of prospecting paintings for them.

The main trouble of working with the vintage-faculty techniques in which you do not have an asset it really is working FOR you. In essence, you are STILL buying and selling time for dollars. (Yes, you will get duplication on your group…However, if you rely solely on that, you’re setting your protection and earnings in a person else’s fingers once more!).

BOTTOM LINE: Get manipulate of your OWN 24×7 lead generator (preferably a mini-website online) in case you need real online independence.


There are six income lists you need to be that specialize in, but you really need to recognition on four of them if you need to enjoy leverage and freedom to your commercial enterprise.

The first main listing you construct is a prospect listing – individuals who are interested in your services or products in trendy. You’ll additionally build this list in your lead generating mini-website online.

The 2d main list you build is a patron list of the individuals who get your lead generator above. And additionally a list of the people who join up for your employer’s service or product.

Using on-line leverage gear like autoresponders, you may drip on them on autopilot. Plus this permits you to leverage your message out to loads or thousands of people right away.

You need to be on top of things of the connection – do not allow a person else to manipulate that *critical* asset.



So you could remove your self from the techniques that really power your commercial enterprise!

In other words…Ultimately your enterprise can’t depend on you to DO a lot of ANYTHING in case you want to have an enterprise that may be a “real” commercial enterprise.

Have You Achieved Your Real Independence Day Yet

  • You can begin things.
  • You can figure things out.
  • You can get the complete ball rolling.

But after that, get out of YOUR OWN WAY!

You need people, groups, software, and structures in the region so that your commercial enterprise can run without your daily interaction or enter. That’s a REAL business.

Now right here’s what to do to have a real “Independence Day” this month…

— As I’ve stated in the beyond, take some time AWAY from your business to THINK approximately what you *truly* want from it If your enterprise is a car, WHERE do you want it to take you?

— If you had a “perfect” commercial enterprise, what would it appear to be and what would it do for YOU?

— Describe your “best” day! What could you do? Whom might you notice? How would you make money if there had been NO boundaries located on you?

I sat down for some days three years ago to answer these very identical questions, and as an end result made a few large adjustments. I’ll admit the modifications weren’t first-rate easy (especially because of getting in my personal manner), but the result became liberation from the whole lot I disliked…Greater earnings…And my existence and business have become the manner *I* desired them.

So escape from your commercial enterprise and pc to try this workout in the subsequent 24-forty eight hours. Be straightforward to yourself and the answers – and be inclined to make the changes necessary for genuine independence!